• Square Air Ambulance Service
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Air Ambulance Service

Square Air Ambulance's philosophy is to take the hospital to the patient and relocating patients from one facility to another with continuous medical monitoring to ensure their safety by quickest means from any corner of Bangladesh. It is important to recognize that the helicopter is the first part of a total system of intensive care (including trauma care) which continues throughout the patients stay in Square Hospital and beyond.

The unique features of SQUARE Air Ambulance:
Our medical team is staffed with highly trained professionals including flight paramedics and nurses who specialize in Aero medical Care with a fully trained pilot. The helicopter is equipped with a substantial range of drugs, emergency surgical kits, life saving defibrillator & monitors and other equipments a mini Accident & Emergency Department (A&E) of their own so that the first aid treatment can be started straightaway. One of the other advantages of the helicopter service is that it is not obliged to take injured patients to the nearest hospital as road ambulances are, but can deliver them to the place best set up to treat as per the patients condition. The SQUARE Air Ambulance helicopter is a BELL 407(USA), which strikes the perfect balance between performance, reliability and mission flexibility, ideal for the precarious nature of this job. It has been specially adapted for its purpose to enable patients to be treated to the standard of an intensive care unit in flight.

SQUARE Air Ambulance BELL 407 Provides

  • Quick and easy patient loading and unloading provided by a standard bi-fold door with a 61-inch (155 cm) opening
  • Expanded safety and reduced operating costs from the FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) engine fuel management system
  • Superior reliability provided by the proven Rolls Royce 250-C47B turbine engine
  • Enhanced crash-resistance stemming from a robust cabin design and a rupture resistant fuel system
  • All composite, four-blade rotors provide superior hover performance, speed and a smooth quiet ride